Emergency Procedures

In a life-threatening emergency - Dial 911 from a campus or public telephone or use an emergency call box.

Dial 911 from your cell phone (Off Campus) and Dial 859-622-1919 or 859-622-1111 from your cell phone (On Campus). Program these numbers into the speed dial function of your cell phone.

  1. Protect Yourself First - Create and manage distance and shielding from threats.  Generally, the farther you move away from a threat, and the more solid and stable objects that you position between you and a threat, the safer you are from that threat.
  2. Call 911 or 859-622-1919 or 859-622-1111.
    • Describe the nature of the incident and its location.
    • Describe any injuries, weapons, hazards, devices, and property involved.
    • Describe the people involved, where they are, and where they went.
    • Stay on the line with the Dispatcher until help arrives.
    • Keep the Dispatcher updated on any changes so responding units can be updated.
    • Even if you cannot communicate, keep the line open.
    • The Dispatcher may be able to learn more about what is happening.