Suspicious Packages

Do not handle the suspicious package. If you must handle it, handle with care. Don't shake or bump. Isolate it immediately and shield yourself from the object. Do not open, touch, taste, or smell.

Evacuate the area immediately. Stay together in a safe place. Shut down HVAC systems as you leave (if possible). Watch for and report what is strange, unusual, or out of place. There could be primary or secondary explosive devices along your exit path.

Report to Emergency Responders:

  • Call 911 [Dial 911 from your cell phone (Off Campus) and Dial 859-622-1919 or 859-622-1111 from your cell phone (On Campus)].
  • Do not use cell phones or radios in close proximity to any suspicious device or package.

Decontaminate yourself. Wash with soap and water.